The Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby

Launched in January 2018, the Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby is quickly becoming a powerful force in influencing Jerusalem's society and top decision makers.


Members of the lobby are communities, organizations, institutions and individuals that identify with the need to join forces in order to achieve the following goals:


  1. Work together to create a vision for Jerusalem inspired by the Sustainable Jerusalem Charter (originally published in 1998).

  2. Place the agenda of urban sustainability firmly on the public map, as an essential ingredient for a cleaner, greener, and healthier Jerusalem.

  3. Interview mayoral candidates and heads of parties, asking for their commitment to policies supported by members of the lobby that have not yet been sufficiently pursued by the municipality and its leadership. The candidates will be graded according to their responses, and in the years following the elections, the lobby will follow their track record.

  4. Bring important Jerusalem issues to the attention of Knesset committees, and other relevant forums.

  5. Generate a more serious media coverage of the issues raised by the lobby.

  6. Invite the public and lobby members to a series of panel discussions where candidates for office will have an opportunity to express their support for the Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby’s agenda.


Thus far Muslala, The Hub (at the Botanical Gardens), Kayamuta, the Jerusalem Intercultural Center, and Bicycles for Jerusalem, have joined us as strategic partners. The lobby has successfully held - and will continue to hold - bi-monthly meetings, which have attracted a wide variety of community activists.


The shared vision for a more sustainable Jerusalem, will provide the basis for new groups to join the lobby as we move forward in the months preceding the municipal elections. We look forward to generating a groundswell of public support for our agenda, which will in turn have a positive impact on the platforms of candidates running for office in the Jerusalem City Council.


Naomi Tsur

Founder and Chair of the Jerusalem Green Fund

Chair of the Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby.


Pictures from our Lobby Meeting hosted by Muslala

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