Dear Jerusalemite,


You’ve noted that Jerusalem does not always look like "Jerusalem of Gold" because of the widespread littering.  Things have improved, but much more is needed. Now you can help do something about it.


The Jerusalem Green Fund has initiated a Jerusalem Cleanup Project to organize community cleanups.  We are currently focusing on Talpiyot, Baka, and Arnona.

If you live in those areas or just want to get involved to make Jerusalem a cleaner, greener and more beautiful city, please join us for an hour or so of group cleanup.


We provide bags, gloves and yellow JGF vests. Please bring your own water and hat.


Our broader goal is to continue transforming the culture by increasing awareness about the importance of a cleaner physical environment in our holy and beautiful city. 

This has already begun: The city has earmarked NIS 13 million for more staff and improved trash receptacles, and the Intercultural Center has launched a major cleanup initiative.


As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem, the time is now to be a part of our cleaner and greener future.


For more information or to sign up (preferred), please contact Reuven Schwartz Chair of the JGF Jerusalem Cleanup Committee by email or phone  058-648-9794.


Or just show up.  It will make you happy. Guaranteed!


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