Food for Jerusalem Forum

Mission of Food for Jerusalem

Jerusalem will be a leading world city, not only in the production of food through local initiatives, but also setting an example of cooperation between neighborhoods and the local authorities. Engagement in the local production of food will play a significant role in community life, and will contribute effectively to urban resilience, the local economy and food security.

Major Goals of the Food for Jerusalem Initiative

  • Establish and regularly convene a stakeholder forum of food-growing initiatives and foster cooperation among the diverse projects.

  • Promote national legislation to facilitate rezoning of local land for urban food growing, while fostering cooperation among all levels of government - local, regional and national.   

  • Integrate food production into urban planning in Jerusalem, by means of a development policy that relates both to food growing and biodiversity as part of the ecological infrastructure of the region.

  • Map and catalog existing initiatives. Identify and develop additional food-growing areas in and around the city.

  • Investigate the potential for alternative food growing environments (roofs, walls, indoors etc.)

  • Introduce new technologies that are economically and environmentally sustainable for the urban environment.

  • Identify, analyze and quantify the economic, health and social benefits of developing a local food system.

  • Strengthen the local economy by promoting initiatives based on the food cycle.

  • Incorporate the food cycle and healthy eating in the curricula of formal and informal educational frameworks, including active engagement in food-growing.

  • Establish sustainable water sources for food-growing initiatives in and around  Jerusalem.

For more details of our activities or to join the Food for Jerusalem Forum please contact Batel Spivack.

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