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Ein Karem as a Green Pilgrim Destination

Green Pilgrimage brings together faiths, cities and sites, which offer visitors a profound experience that is at once spiritual, ethical and “green”. According to the philosophy of Green Pilgrimage, we are obligated not only to preserve the quality of the built and natural fabric and heritage of historic sites in the Holy Land, but also to make them easily accessible to visitors, and to create a warm and welcoming interface between the residents and the visiting pilgrims and tourists.

Against this backdrop of the global green pilgrimage movement, we realized that Ein Karem provides an excellent opportunity to develop a green pilgrimage experience. Ein Karem is one of the most important pilgrim destinations in the world. It is one of the few places where one can sense footsteps from the distant past, and experience the way people lived in Bible times. The village itself is situated in a scenic basin which helps take pilgrims back to the periods of the First and Second Temples, surrounded by ancient agricultural terraces, olive and wine presses as well as ancient fruit orchards and natural springs.


This historic landscape is characterized by the churches and monasteries that have worked in the area for hundreds of years. In the heart of the village is Mary’s Holy Spring, and more than a million pilgrims visit Ein Karem every year.

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