JGF working with Haredi Communities

Batel Spivack, JGF Community Coordinator is working together with a number of Haredi Communities to support the residents in turning their neighborhood into a cleaner, green and healthier environment. In her role, Batel is building relationships with local organisations and groups and discussing ways to work together in order to create shared environmental goals.

One of the key areas of her work in the Romema Community is developing and promoting the new garden and greenhouse at the Community Center. The garden and greenhouse will be a focal point of environmental activity for residents with regularly planned events run by women of the neighborhood who have completed special training as gardeners. 

In addition Batel hopes to bring an awareness and connection to local nature spots, specifically Lifta. Lifta is now a nationally recognized nature reserve and we want to bring Romema residents down to the valley to enjoy, hike, breathe and connect. The neighborhood is united in an effort to conserve the Romema Valley as a place of recreation for the residents and the promenade (as yet incomplete) that will link Romema with Lifta.

Batel is also working in the Knesset Yisrael neighbourhood in their community garden.

Please be in touch with Batel directly if you would like to be involved:  jgfcommunity@gmail.com

Pictures of Lifta (sitting adjacent to Romema)

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