Stakeholder Initiatives

Jerusalem Green Tours

Explore the green side of Jerusalem with unique tours to urban nature sites in the city. Take a stroll down the Railway Park, look out for migrating birds at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, or explore the unique beauty of the Botanical Gardens at Mt Scopus. To arrange a tour email us at


Environmental Education

The JGF supports environmental education initiatives in and around the city of Jerusalem.


Clean-Up Jerusalem

Change the way Jerusalem looks by becoming an active part of the solution. The Clean-Up Jerusalem Initiative works with neighborhood councils, local organizations and communities, youth movements, and schools to clean up local areas by taking collective responsibility for public spaces.

Working with Haredi Communities

The JGF is working in the neighborhood of Romema through the local community center to support their environmental efforts, and with the Knesset Yisrael Community.


The JGF has established the Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby, whose mission is to promote a sustainable agenda for the city, raise awareness amongst residents, civil servants and decision makers for the need to make the city cleaner, greener and healthier, and to bring this agenda into the domain of public and social media. For more information, events and meetings contact Shalom and follow us on Facebook.

Jerusalem Tea Party

For the benefit of JGF and Muslala. Authentic English tea offerings. For date and time please email us!

The Jerusalem Wildflower Sanctuary in Neve Yaakov began in 2001 as an attempt to rescue the many beautiful native plants which flourished in French Hill before a massive new construction project destroyed their habitat.

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