Reshit School - Kiriyat Menachem Neighborhood

Food Growing Initiative

Background to the Project:

Kiryat Menachem is a socio-economically weak neighborhood, with a mix of immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, alongside Israeli families, some of whom are attracted to the neighborhood because of the high standards set by the Reshit School.

The Reshit School is leading the way to make Kiryat Menachem an “edible neighborhood” (one that is actively engaged in growing a significant portion of its fruit and vegetables locally). The school has a large and productive greenhouse and garden, and is an active member of the ‘Food for Jerusalem Forum’.


The Project:

The initial phase of the project (which is currently underway) provides all the families (whose children are
students at the Reshit school) with a planter with vegetables and herbs. They will meet regularly and receive training and support in local small-scale food growing.

This process will hopefully not only increase food security, but also empower and create a sense of community within the neighborhood. In addition this will also strengthen the connection between the community and the Reshit school.

There will be several community events during the year, to which the wider neighborhood will be invited.

In the second phase of the project we aim to expand the work that has been undertaken by the Reshit school, and bring more institutions and families in Kiryat Menahem into the Edible Neighborhood initiative. Future partners include community center, additional schools, businesses, synagogues and families, to help turn the neighborhood into a greener and healthier place that produces most of the vegetables and herbs that it needs.

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