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Read Naomi Tsur's latest article "Beyond the City" which appears on the Nature of Cities website.

Why is proper waste disposal so important. SKY News has taken on the issue of ocean pollution. Look at all their resources and interviews here.

Read the latest Living Planet Report 2016 from the WWF which highlights the alarming rate of global biodiversity decline, putting the survival of other species and our own future at risk.

Read all about "Before the Flood" and watch the latest movie sweeping across America about global climate change.

Read the Israel Urban Forum's report to HABITAT III which was presented at the Conference in October 2016. 

Watch a new short film about Urbanisation from סביב הטבע


"A New Urban Design Paradigm: Our Way of Looking at Cities' Needs to be Turned Inside Out"


"What is the meaning and role of the sacred in the design and management of urban green space and the building of cities that are both green and livable"


"The Story of Jerusalem's Railway Park: Getting the City Back on Track Economically, Environmentally, and Socially"


"The sky is the limit for urban agriculture or is it: What can cities hope to get from the community gardens and urban agriculture" 


"Biblical Gazelles Will Soon Be Welcoming Visitors to Israel's First Urban Nature Park"

Other Resources:


Click here for the Jerusalem Green Map Website


Click here for Green Pilgrim Jerusalem


Railway Park Research and Interviews by Sonti Ramirez

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