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Shoshana Shinnar

Board Member

Shoshana Shinnar

Shoshana Shinnar made aliyah in 2015 from New York, has been a stakeholder since 2016, and currently serves on the board of the JGF. She met Naomi Tsur at a Sustainable Nutrition Conference at TAU, when looking for someone from Jerusalem, who had a wide view of the environmental movement in Israel. The match was made. Shoshana believes that instead of wasting valuable time looking for volunteer opportunities, people should be able to join a local network of organizations and volunteers; therefore one of her initiatives with the JGF is creating such a dynamic database.

As part of living her values, Shoshana has taught her own children by example and led them to live a sustainable lifestyle without calling it by name. So her real passion for being an environmentalist is “selfish”- that her children and grandchildren should merit to live in a happy and sustainable world.

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