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Education for Sustainability

The JGF supports environmental education initiatives in and around the city of Jerusalem.

Green Pilgrimage

Green Pilgrimage brings together faiths, cities and sites, which offer visitors a profound experience that is at once spiritual, ethical and “green”.

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Romema Center for Sustainability

We are working with the Haredi community developing an environmental program for them.

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Regional Partnership

Bio-diversity protection, nature conservation and, sustainable eco-system management in the Jerusalem region.

Sustainable Neighborhoods

Making Kiryat Menachem a sustainable neighborhood, actively engaging all sectors of the community.



 A powerful force to influence Jerusalem's communities and policy makers. 

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Volunteer Initiatives & Internships

Join us as we work to make Jerusalem a cleaner, greener and healthier city.

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Water Forum

JGF and the municipality bring together players in the field of water policy, to multiply our strengthens in tackling our challenges.