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There are many ways to get involved with the JGF.


We accept Interns to work with us for a summer, for a semester or as part of the Rothberg International School, Hebrew University, Porter School Tel Aviv University, JInternships, gap year programs and more. Please contact us if you are interested in interning with us.

Check out our previous and current Interns here.


Change the way Jerusalem looks by becoming an active part of the solution. The Clean-Up Jerusalem Initiative works with neighborhood councils, local organizations and communities, youth movements, and schools to clean up local areas by taking collective responsibility for public spaces. Keep up to date with our clean up events on our Facebook Page or email us.

Community Partnerships

The Jerusalem Green Fund is regularly participating with local organisations to improve Jerusalem's environment. Our partnerships include programs with Nefesh B' Nefesh, the AACI, The Michael Levin Base. You are invited to follow us on Facebook and keep update with these activities and participate in  our next event.

English-Speakers Focus Group

Tea Parties

Regular authentic English tea offerings organised by Anne Hilsden. All the money raised goes to support the JGF and the Muslala community.  For dates and times please email us.

New Life for Old Things

Dr Anna Godneva and Dr Shira Belotzky are leading an exciting initiative together with a team of senior citizens artisans. Their team has found purpose and fulfillment in give a new flavour, colour, look or use to objects that have been in their families for year, but had been cast aside. Check out their work and upcoming exhibition on their website. Some of the profits from the sale of their items will go to the Jerusalem Green Fund. 

Wildflower Sanctuary

The Jerusalem Wildflower Sanctuary in Neve Yaakov began in 2001 as an attempt to rescue the many beautiful native plants which flourished in French Hill before a massive new construction project destroyed their habitat. The same procedure was repeated in 2012-2013 when over 400 units of flats was constructed in Neve Yaakov. Thousands of plants found a new home in the Sanctuary. 

The native trees, bulbs and seeds which have been planted in this formerly neglected and barren spot become the focus of an educational research and recreational center.  At the present time, over 270 species are detected, 30 protected species are growing in the Wildflower Sanctuary.

For more information about the Wildflower Sanctuary click here.

To volunteer or support the Wildflower Sanctuary contact Dr Anna Godneva.

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