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Regional Climate Conference

The Jerusalem and Mateh Yehuda Regional Climate Conference was one of 14 regional conferences that took place in 2021 with the promotion and support of the Coalition of Climate Organizations in Israel. The climate conferences are the product of cooperation between civil organizations, cities and local authorities.

The aim of the conferences are to involve and harness the public and local authorities in influencing climate policy and regional and governmental climate change preparations for the UN Climate Conference - COP26.

Regional Climate Conferences Website     

​The climate crisis requires us to take significant steps in order to reduce its intensity, and at the same time we must prepare for it and build community resilience. Local authorities and regional thinking play an important role in preparing for climate change. Since the majority of the population lives in cities and these are undergoing accelerated development, there is an opportunity here for sustainable planning with wise use of resources and concern for all layers of the population. Along with urban development, there is a need to preserve the natural systems that surround the cities and provide ecosystem services essential to the functioning and health of life in the city. 

Therefore, dialogue and joint thinking of all the relevant parties in the region is needed, in order to ensure its resilience in the face of a crisis.

The Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby together with the Regional Partnership for the Advancement for a Biosphere Reserve in the Sorek Drainage Basin, jointly produced a regional conference, for the area of Jerusalem and Mateh Yehuda regional council, which focused on three important issues for the area: open spaces and natural systems, food, and energy.

Goals of the conference:

  • Raising awareness and connecting a variety of populations in the area to the topic and the urgency of action on the climate crisis

  • Creating dialogue and partnerships between civil society and the authorities in assessments of the climate crisis

  • Leverage of civil society projects directly or indirectly related to the climate crisis

  • Creating a platform for the authorities to present their work in the field

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