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Protecting Urban Nature Sites

In recent years we have witnessed many attacks by the planning institutions on the trees and urban nature in Jerusalem. These include felling licenses for over a thousand trees per year, many of them ancient and expensive trees. Also, new construction plans have been submitted in over 20 urban nature sites, as announced in the outline plan for urban nature in Jerusalem. Ecological and communal valuable sites such as Reches Lavan, Mitzpatel, Har Nof Forest, Nahal Zimari, Mitzpe Neftuh, Emek Zeytim and more are in danger from construction even though there are alternatives to all these plans.

Many of these sites have active resident groups that are trying to prevent the planned destruction of the site. Following the joint work in the lobby, we set a policy that each struggle does not stand alone. That's why it was decided to hold a joint event for all the lobby organizations, which highlights the importance of trees and nature in the city and demands from the municipality, "Come down from the trees".


The event took place on 3.3.2021 at Ein Laban, a site symbolizing the struggle for Jerusalem's nature with the participation of hundreds of people, and included a panel of party representatives, where they were asked about their commitment to preserving the Jerusalem mountains.

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