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The Food Rescue Project


The food rescue project in Kiriyat Yovel was initiated in cooperation with the Jerusalem Food Rescuers and the local authorities at the Beit Taylor community center in Kiryat Yovel in response to the need for food security and community building following the pandemic.


The aim is to create a local network that addresses all aspects of the food cycle including cultivation, reduction of food waste and healthy nutrition. This is in accordance with the vision of the community center as a hub of sustainability and environmental awareness in the neighborhood, connecting local activists and community workers.


Every Tuesday we run a stand of rescued produce, which reaches about 60 households, and work in the garden growing seasonal crops and herbs. Local youth and the people in need of fresh food are encouraged to take an active part in running the project, empowering them, and creating a local community around food security. A community is starting to take shape around this project with an active Whatsapp group for sharing recipes, food ideas and letting people know of food rescue opportunities. 

Events around food also happen regularly such as composting, fermintation classes, movie night and panel discussion, and most recently growing cooperation with other branches of the local community center and Yuvalim Environmental Forum.


This is a pilot project, which we envision will be replicated in other neighborhoods. With the support of the Shachaf foundation and The Food Rescuers, an additional staff member has been added to oversee logistics and finetuning of the model into a workable plan for other neighborhoods as well. We are hoping to implement the model in Kiryat Menachem in the near future, in cooperation with our partners from the Round Table, and specifically with the local welfare center.

Sustainability Forum

The forum aims to re-establish Yuvalim as a green neighbourhood.

The forum includes local environmental activists and community council representatives (board member, education, community, urban, welfare, youth and young families).

We are working on strategies to advance sustainability in the neighbourhood and cooperation between all partners. 


Our activities include:

  • protecting the major open spaces (Wadi Hayovel, Wadi Asbestonim and Wadi Ein Karem),

  • promoting and supporting citizen participation in community gardens,

  • supporting local green economy and initiatives,

  • educational and social events,

  • transforming Beit Taylor into a green community center (including The Food Rescue project).

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