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Quiet Jerusalem

"Quiet Jerusalem" was founded in 2023 by Prof. Hamutal Bar Yosef, a longtime campaigner for noise control in Jerusalem. Its objective is to address the phenomenon of noise nuisances in the city, arising from a variety of activities in both the public and private domains. Quiet Jerusalem aims to foster the creation of a more considerate and calm city. 

Quiet Jerusalem works under the aegis of the Jerusalem Green Fund.

The organization initially collected signatures from Jerusalem residents via a petition that was circulated in three languages (see the petition here)

"Quiet Jerusalem" concentrates its efforts on Jerusalem and the surrounding area. In pursuit of its objectives, the organization cooperates with similar groups both in Israel and overseas. 

The organization raises awareness of the deleterious effects of loud noise exposure among the general public, but especially among policymakers in Jerusalem. Excessive ambient noise levels have been shown to negatively affect human health and harm the local environment. Direct correlations have been demonstrated between levels of ambient noise and specific public health problems, especially hypertension. Quiet Jerusalem advances the case for a net public cost saving on the basis of preemptively tackling these problems through the mitigation of harmful noise nuisances.


 Quiet Jerusalem will work to:

  • Increase the enforcement of existing noise laws

  • Raise awareness among the public of existing legislation regarding noise nuisances


Noise nuisances noted by Quiet Jerusalem include:

  • Sirens operated by private commercial and public vehicles including emergency responders when there is no danger  

  • Music played excessively loudly in private, public, and commercial vehicles

  • Excessive volume of speakers and radio receivers in public and business spaces

  • Noise arising from construction taking place outside of the legally authorized hours

  • Excessive noise emanating from educational institutions, including loudspeakers

  • Excessive volume of speakers operating in events halls and events taking place in public spaces

  • Noise from idling engines of parked vehicles

  • Public transportation users conducting phone calls via loudspeaker 

  • Noise emanating from private, industrial or commercial machinery - especially air conditioners and other HVAC components - that cause disruption to residents 

  • Loud and unnecessarily repetitive announcements in public institutions and on public transportation vehicles

  • Garbage removal by municipal workers late at night or early in the morning 


Through various means, Quiet Jerusalem works to foster the creation of a public domain in Jerusalem in which residents are not subject to discomfort and stress through the unnecessary creation of noise by other parties. In this way it hopes to contribute to the development of a calmer, more respectful city for all of its residents.

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