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מפגש נחלה דצמבר 2019
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romema green house
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Batel Spivack, JGF Community Coordinator is working together with Romema Community Center to support the residents in turning their neighborhood into a cleaner, greener and healthier environment. In her role, Batel is developing and promoting the new garden and greenhouse at the Community Center. The garden and greenhouse is the hub of environmental activity at the community center, with regularly planned events run by women of the neighborhood who have completed special training as gardeners. 

In addition, Batel hopes to bring an awareness and connection to local nature spots, specifically Lifta. Lifta is now a nationally recognized nature reserve and we want to connect the Romema residents with the valley to enjoy, hike, breathe and feel part of their local environment. The neighborhood is united in an effort to conserve the Romema Valley as a place of recreation for the residents and the promenade (as yet incomplete) that will link Romema with Lifta.

During 2019, The Community Center in Romema progressed in its 3 main areas:

  1. The preservation of Nachal Romema from urban development has gained more activist residents and continues to meet with the Mayor and municipal officials to keep the issue on the agenda.

  2. The Green Visitors’ Center held various day activities for children over the summer months and began a Permaculture gardening course for senior-citizen women of Romema.

  3. A member of Forum Nachal”a (Haredi Women for Neighborhood Advancement) joined a city-wide Haredi Residents’ Committee, initiated by the municipality, which brainstorms ways to clean up their neighborhoods utilizing “local” knowledge. Her representation there has made Nachal”a and Romema a model neighborhood for citizen-municipal partnership. 

For more information about our activities in Romema, visit their website