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In December 2021, with thanks to a grant from the Sheli Foundation, Noga Rippin joined the the JGF team as a student intern for the 2022 academic year, to coordinate our new program "The Tree Guardians" which seeks to protect urban trees, as was decided at last year’s Annual General Meeting.

Trees contribute to and are important for the quality of urban life and for the environment itself.

Despite this, in many cities across the country, including Jerusalem, thousands of trees are being cut down every year, as a result of poor planning and management.


In this program, Jerusalem Stakeholder Yisrael Galon, will guide a team together with the Jerusalem branch of Saving the Trees, to prepare up to date information for Jerusalem residents on "at risk" trees, to reinforce the organisation's activities, trainings for the general public and activists. 

For more information and to join The Tree Guardians, contact Noga: 054-7820207

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What to do if you see a Tree in Danger of Destruction

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Relevant Reports and Resources

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