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UK Tax Deductible Donation or Membership Payment

The JGF is partnering with UK Toremet, to enable UK citizens to make a tax-deductable donation. UK Toremet Limited is a UK registered charity that encourages and simplifies donations to UK, Israeli and overseas charities.


Online DONATION WITH Gift-Aid 


Procedure for sending a cheque:

  1. Please make sure that all payments are made out to UK Toremet Limited.

  2. Please make sure to send notice to us at UK Toremet Limited that you are making a gift, or that a gift has been made, with a request that it be utilised for the facilitation of the activities of your chosen recipient organisation.

  3. Please do your best to make clear, either by means of additional information added to the bank transfer form or by a letter accompanying a cheque, that your gift is designated to the Jerusalem Green Fund.

  4. Cheques should be sent to:

           UK Toremet LimitedShenkers LLP,

           4th Floor, Sutherland House

           70/78 West Hendon Broadway

           London NW9 7BT

           United Kingdom


Bank Transfers:

Instructions should be given for the gift to be transferred to the following account:

       Account name: UK TOREMET LIMITED

       Account type: NWDBB CURRENT

       Account number: 1 9 2 1 1 3 3 3

       Sort code: 6 0 - 2 4 - 7 7

       Bank address:

       PO Box 4115

       Hornchurch, Essex

       RM12 4DF

In the transfer details, please make sure to state your name and specify that your donation is to the Jerusalem Green Fund.

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