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למען עיר נקייה, ירוקה ובריאה יותר 

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The Jerusalem Green Fund and The Michael Levin Base (an organization supporting lone soldiers/ bnot sherut) will be running in the 2021 Jerusalem Marathon. Both organizations will split the money raised 50:50. To help support these great organizations, please register to run the Marathon with us or sponsor a runner. Follow the link to register or sponsor a runner.

Bustanya - We are working to make the garden in Bustanya a great place for environmental education, community events, and a nice getaway from the urban environment. In the garden we have a kitchen to promote reusable dishwear, a compost bin for people in the community to drop of their food scraps, and a stage for the public to perform their talents. The garden is being utilized by people of all ages and backgrounds, especially young kids, teenagers, and people with special needs in the community.

Currently we are looking for volunteers to help us build an outdoor classroom that will be used by kingergardens as soon as it is ready. Please reach out to Esther at if you’d like to volunteer with us at Bustanya.

Building the Godjo (Traditional Ethiopian Mud House)

Work on the Godjo continues with many volunteers. 

We have recently finished the first layer of mud, and we are starting to work on the second layer. Work continues throughout the summer, except for a brief break in the second half of August. Everyone is welcome to join the construction.

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