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For a cleaner, greener and healthier Jerusalem
למען עיר נקייה, ירוקה ובריאה יותר 

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We are excited to announce the first ever crowdfunding campaign for the Jerusalem Green Fund. Help us to reach our goal of 180,000 shekels so together we can continue to transform Jerusalem.

Our first crowdfunding campaign!

JGF's mission, Founding Members, Board, Staff and Interns.

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You can now donate to the JGF using the JGive app, regardless of currency.
JGive allows you to donate using Bit or credit card.

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We are looking for volunteers to help us build an outdoor classroom that will be used by kingergardens as soon as it is ready. Please reach out to Esther at

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Join the Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby and learn about our activities.

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