Jerusalem Green Tours

Explore Jerusalem's unique urban nature and learn about the "Green Side of Jerusalem" with a range of tours provided by the JGF volunteer guides.


  • The Railway Park  (1.5 hours)  

Explore and experience urban renewal in the heart of Jerusalem as you walk along the recently rejuvenated Railway Park. Enjoy the clean air, social interaction, beauty and natural biodiversity along the promenade. Hear about the history and significance of the railroad era.  Learn how public participation and dedication turned an innercity abandoned and dilapidated track into a vibrant corridor park used by people of all ages and cultures. The tour ends at the rejuvenated First Station, a unique shopping and entertainment hub.

  • Mount Scopus Botanical Gardens  (1.5 hours)

The Botanical Garden of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, founded in 1931, is a unique ecological conservatory which covers over 25 dunams (6 acres) and houses more than 950 plant species native to the Land of Israel. Discover the garden's enchanting natural surroundings, which provide a sanctuary for many endangered flora and fauna. Uncover the history of Jerusalem as you explore the ancient burial caves from the Second Temple period, along with two Zionist leaders’ graves. The combination of natural flora with history and archaeology reflects the characteristic landscape of Jerusalem.


  • Jerusalem Bird Observatory (JBO special guided tour 2 hours)

The JBO is a unique urban nature haven, tucked away between the Knesset and the Supreme Court. Strategically located on the major bird migration route between Africa and Eurasia, more than 500 million birds fly over Israel during the spring and fall seasons every year. Established in 1994 by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the observatory also serves as a major bird-ringing center. Explore the birds, flora and fauna in this protected site surrounded by intensive urban development, participate in daily bird-ringing activities and hear about the JBO’s special initiatives to protect birds and wildlife in Israel. 


  • Transportation is NOT included in the pricing.

  • Tours will take place between 8-10 am on the chosen day.

  • Please reserve your respective tour at least 2 weeks in advance

  • A JGF representative will join the group at breakfast time so that participants can learn more about our goals and initiatives.

  • Revenue from these Jerusalem Green Tours help support the various initiatives of the Jerusalem Green Fund

  • For more information, please contact Jacqueline Rose, JGF Manager,


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