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Green Pilgrim Jerusalem

The Green Pilgrim team is working with the Ein Karem committee and other stakeholders to develop a vision for Ein Karem as a pilgrimage destination. In the light of the many challenges currently threatening the serene ambiance of the village, our main goal is to conserve of the unique character of Ein Karem, alongside investment in much-needed infrastructure.  This process was initially supported by the Roman Catholic Custodia in the Holy Land, through the JGF. It is presently being supported by Shi An Culture. For more details about Green Pilgrim Jerusalem go here.

Jerusalem Green Pilgrimage Tours

Explore the green side of Jerusalem with unique tours where you can meet the diverse communities, cultures, faiths and natural assets. Check out and register for a tour here.

​Carbon Offsetting

Many of our everyday actions, at home and at work, consume fossil-fuel produced energy, generating carbon emissions and resulting in a negative carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting is an internationally recognized way to take responsibility for these negative impacts. We can compensate for them by contributing to carbon-saving initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

JGF Carbon Offsetting Opportunities:

It is generally recognized that air travel is one of the big contributors to greenhouse gases (GHG), and an important opportunity for carbon offsetting. Unlike other lifestyle factors, there is no reasonable alternative for global travel. Consequently, air travel users are highly encouraged to contribute to environmental projects to offset their carbon footprint.

Jerusalem Green Fund is committed to social and environmental sustainability in and around Jerusalem. As such, we can provide ways to offset your carbon emissions and reduce your carbon footprint, by supporting environmental initiatives in and around Jerusalem that have a clear carbon reduction impact.

To participate in this program click here

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